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Black Lives Matter! I love political correctness.


You are trying to make a dictator in our America!!!!!
You are doing exactly the same as Hillary did.

In part, in a sense, you are wrong.
You are intentionally trying to mislead the people.

Your country is extremely great!
The U.S. is a great country.
We American-99% have the 2nd-amendment!

For example.

America's traditions are Militia and Sheriff.

Autonomy of citizens,
decentralization of governmental-power to local jurisdictions
are Democracy.

Each-States has equal-rights.
Each-States decides each-states' Military-Budgets and scales of the Military.

Traditionally, the Militia means National-Guards in the U.S.
That is, traditionally, the Militia means Military of each-states.

And, traditionally, American-Forces consist of Militia.
That is, traditionally, American-Forces consist of Military of each-states.

That is, traditionally, each-states decides American-Forces.
Traditionally, each-states decides America's Military-Budgets and scales of the Military.

In a sense,
the President is not a Commander-in-Chief.

Or, at least, you are trying to mislead the people by wrongly intentionally using the word "Commander-in-Chief."

In fact, even America's Military-Budgets and scales of the Military are decided by the Congress.

Commander-in-Chief is not a Commander-in-Chief as you intend.
In fact, George Washington was only a Commander-in-Chief in American-Revolutionary-War.

I think that you will lose the next election again.

Ending Electoral-College will increase the power of Los Angels and New-York-city.
And, your supporters are Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Kentucky, Montana.

I love American-99% and the U.S.!
I love Made-in-U.S.A.-compact-cars!

Ending Electoral-College will destroy Each-State's Rights!

Each state should be equally represented,

This is the America's tradition!
The 13-colonies had equal-rights!

Or, NY and LA will decide everything.

Top1%, Wall-Street, American-Military-Industry, DOD and Hollywood have been trying to control our America
by exploiting LA and NY.

Traditionally, we American-99% have Puritan-Churches.
Puritan-Churches have been doing Welfare and Educations in the U.S.

Puritan-Churches have
Autonomy of citizens,
decentralization of governmental-power to local jurisdictions.

Autonomy of citizens,
decentralization of governmental-power to local jurisdictions
are Democracy.

And, this is the small-government.

United States Senate
The composition and powers of the Senate are established in Article One of the U.S. Constitution.
Each state, regardless of population, is represented by two senators who serve staggered six-year terms.

Berrnie Sanders
A few things are clear:
1) We have to replace the current DNC leadership. We need someone who vigorously supports bringing people into the political process.
2) We must get rid of superdelegates. The fact that we had 400 superdelegates pledged eight months before the first ballot was cast is absurd. and
3) The idea that in the State of New York 3 million people could not participate in helping select the Democratic nominee is incomprehensible.
We need real reform within the Democratic Party. And that means open primaries.

Superdelegate of Democratic-Party is violating Democracy!

What is Fascism?

Today, Wall-Street, top1% and American-Military-Industry are the fascists!

Democracy is "One man one vote" principle.
"One man one vote" is derived from Natural-Law and Natural-Rights.
Natural-Law and Natural-Rights are basics of Separating-Puritans-Christian.
Even United-States-Declaration-of-Independence is based on Natural-Law and Natural-Rights.
(Only Natural-Law and Natural-Rights can fight against Nazi.)
(Nazi pretends majority-vote.)

So, do American-Politicians(establishments) really understand Democracy?
Do American-Politicians(establishments) really understand American-Constitution?
Are American-Politicians(establishments) really Christian?

In American politics, a "superdelegate" is a delegate to the Democratic National Convention who is seated automatically and chooses for whom they want to vote.
These Democratic Party superdelegates include distinguished party leaders, and elected officials, including all Democratic members of the House and Senate and sitting Democratic governors.
Because they are free to support anyone they want, superdelegates could potentially swing the results to nominate a presidential candidate who did not receive the majority of votes during the primaries.

At least in name, superdelegates are not involved in the Republican Party nomination process.
There are delegates to the Republican National Convention who are seated automatically, but they are limited to three per state, consisting of the state chairsperson and two district-level committee members.
Republican Party superdelegates are obliged to vote for their state's popular vote winner under the rules of the party branch to which they belong.

Natural and legal rights
The idea that certain rights are natural or inalienable also has a history dating back at least to the Stoics of late Antiquity and Catholic law of the early Middle Ages, and descending through the Protestant Reformation and the Age of Enlightenment to today.
The United States Declaration of Independence, meanwhile, is based upon the "self-evident" truth that "all men are ... endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights".

The signers of the Declaration of Independence deemed it a "self-evident truth" that all men are "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights

Tax Wall Street!
Tax the rich!
Crush NAFTA!
Crush TPP!

Bill Clinton repealed the Glass-Steagall Act.
Bill Clinton has been being the dog of Wall Street.

Glass-Steagall legislation
The Glass-Steagall Act describes four provisions of the U.S. Banking Act of 1933 that limited securities, activities, and affiliations within commercial banks and securities firms.
This article deals with only the four provisions separating commercial and investment banking.
The article 1933 Banking Act describes the entire law, including the legislative history of the Glass-Steagall provisions separating commercial and investment banking.

Congressional efforts to "repeal the Glass-Steagall Act", referring to those four provisions (and then usually to only the two provisions that restricted affiliations between commercial banks and securities firms),[4] culminated in the 1999 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), which repealed the two provisions restricting affiliations between banks and securities firms.
President Bill Clinton publicly declared "the Glass-Steagall law is no longer appropriate."

Bill Clinton
42nd President of the United States
In office January 20, 1993 - January 20, 2001

1933 Banking Act
The Banking Act of 1933 (the 1933 Banking Act) joined together two long-standing Congressional projects: (1) a federal system of bank deposit insurance championed by Representative Steagall[3] and (2) the regulation (or prohibition) of the combination of commercial and investment banking and other restrictions on "speculative" bank activities championed by Senator Glass as part of a general desire to "restore" commercial banking to the purposes envisioned by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.
Although the 1933 Banking Act thus fulfilled Congressional designs and, at least in its deposit insurance provisions, was resisted by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration, it later became considered part of the New Deal.

Crush Super-PAC!

We American-99% are against Super-political-action-committees (PACs)!
Super-Pack is destroying Democracy!
“One-man one-vote” is the principle of democracy.
“One man-one vote principle” is Democracy!

We American-99% are against Super-PACs!

We Americans must show that our America is a democratic-country!

We must check which Senators agree to Super-PACs.
We must check which Representatives agree to Super-PACs.

And, we must campaign against those politicians at next election!

We must campaign to blackball those politicians,
because we think that those politicians are deemed unfit for public office.

Our America is a democratic-country!

[Jon Tester]Jun 18, 2013
Tester’s Constitutional Amendment: Corporations are not ‘people’
When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that corporations could contribute unlimited sums of money to so-called “Super PACs,” it was a kick in the teeth to our democracy.
Today, I introduced a Constitutional Amendment to undo this terrible decision.

Taking back our Democracy
My Constitutional Amendment will clarify that corporations are not "people” and can’t dump unlimited money into our nation’s elections.
People should decide elections, not corporate money.
This is a critical step to improve our political system.
During the 2012 U.S. Senate election, more money was spent in Montana than ever before in our state's history.
Most of that money came from outside groups that didn't have to reveal their donors.

Montanans know the corrosive influence of special interests in our elections.
A century ago, Montana's wealthiest mining corporations used their money to buy a U.S. Senate seat.

In response, Montanans banded together to pass a law that limited corporate influence in our elections.
Our law stood for 100 years until the U.S. Supreme Court overturned it last year.

But it didn’t take Montanans long to respond.
Last year, you voted overwhelmingly in favor of directing Senator Baucus, Congressman Daines and me to introduce legislation amending the U.S. Constitution to make it clear that corporations are not entitled to the same rights as you and me.
I'm proud to take that step.

My amendment is a common-sense measure to put people back in charge of elections by restoring the right of Congress to oversee campaign spending.

Keeping dark money out of politics ensures that leaders on both sides of the aisle work on behalf of the people to create more middle class jobs, cut our debt in responsible ways, and make smart investments that strengthen our economy for future generations.

Join me in making sure that people and their ideas - not corporations and their money - decide our elections.