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KAISER FAMILY FOUNDATION によると、2022年上半期、米国でコロナで死んだのはアジア系が一番多い。

Society and government discriminate between rich and poor.
Low-income and non-White populations died at much higher rate from COVID.
The West is a racist.
KAISER FAMILY FOUNDATION says "Asians died most among races in the first half of 2022."

KAISER FAMILY FOUNDATION によると、2022年上半期、米国でコロナで死んだのはアジア系が一番多い。

[Gurdian]4 Apr 2022
Covid had devastating toll on poor and low-income communities in US
Poor People’s Pandemic Report concludes that while virus did not discriminate between rich and poor, society and government did

[Reuters]April 4, 2022
U.S. poor died at much higher rate from COVID than rich, report says

[ACLU]April 8, 2020
If COVID-19 Doesn’t Discriminate, Then Why Are Black People Dying at Higher Rates?
To provide meaningful protection and support for all members of the community, a COVID-19 response must address the pervasive racial injustices at the federal, state, and local level.

COVID-19 Cases and Deaths by Race/Ethnicity: Current Data and Changes Over Time
Total cumulative data show that Black, Hispanic, AIAN, and NHOPI people have experienced higher rates of COVID-19 cases and deaths than White people when data are adjusted to account for differences in age by race and ethnicity.
Disparities in Cases and Deaths Over Time
* During January 2022, infections sharply rose again across all groups amidst the spread of the Omicron variant, resulting in the highest case rates recorded since the start of the pandemic. 
This surge was also the first time since early in the pandemic that the infection rate for Asian people was comparable to other groups of color.
* Between Winter 2022 and June 2022 case rates have fallen across groups.
In April, Asian people had the highest infection rate and Black, AIAN and Hispanic people had the lowest infection rate, marking the first time these patterns were observed since the start of the pandemic. More research is needed to understand the factors that contributed to this recent shift in trends. 

[American Public Media]November 22, 2022

[Statistics Canada]2022-08-30
Study: COVID-19 mortality by racialized groups and income, 2020
Black people living in low income were disproportionally at higher risk of dying from COVID-19

[National Library of Medicine]
Higher risk of death from COVID-19 in low-income and non-White populations of São Paulo, Brazil
Here we characterise the differential risk of hospitalisation and death in São Paulo state, Brazil, and show how vulnerability to COVID-19 is shaped by socioeconomic inequalities.
Low-income and Black and Pardo communities are more likely to die with COVID-19. This is associated with differential access to quality healthcare, ability to self-isolate and the higher prevalence of comorbidities.

[Council for the Advancement of Science Writing]October 2020
Studies show disparate death rates from COVID-19 linked to both poverty and race
Long-standing racism and attendant poverty have made the pandemic more hazardous for racial and ethnic minorities, say Harvard public health researchers.





First of all, what the West is saying are contradicting.
* Chinese Vaccine and Russian Vaccine are, in a sense, made by conventional technology.
(I mean Chinese Vaccine and Russian Vaccine are not RNA Vaccine.)
* American Vaccines are RNA Vaccines.
And, in short, the West says "Chinese Vaccine, Russian Vaccine and American vaccines have the same effect."

Of course, American Vaccines are extremely expensive.
That is, the West says "American Technology and Western Technologies are lower than Russian Technology and Chinese Technology."

COVID-19 ワクチン
3    承認されたワクチン一覧List of authorized vaccines
COVID-19 vaccines authorized for emergency use or approved for full use
ワクチン名Common name/    タイプ(技術)Type (technology)/    開発国Country of origin
Oxford–AstraZeneca/    Adenovirus vector/    United Kingdom, Sweden
Pfizer–BioNTech/    RNA/    Germany, United States
Moderna/    RNA/    United States
Sinopharm BIBP/    Inactivated/    China
Sputnik V/    Adenovirus vector/    Russia
CoronaVac/    Inactivated/    China




I have NO intention to insult Russia nor China.

I am pointing out that

American Assertions are based on the assumption that
"Chinese Vaccine and Russian Vaccine have either equaling or surpassing quality than American vaccines."






Yes. That is correct.
Thank you.

(Or, the West is trying to kill Chinese People. The West is Evil.)

The West is rotten and corrupted.
Communism is great.



[Wikipedia]COVID-19 ワクチン
3    承認されたワクチン一覧List of authorized vaccines

Main article: List of COVID-19 vaccine authorizations


COVID-19 vaccines authorized for emergency use or approved for full use

ワクチン名Common name/    タイプ(技術)Type (technology)/    開発国Country of origin

Common name    Type (technology)    Country of origin    First authorization    Notes

10か国以上で承認されえたワクチンAuthorized in more than 10 countries
Oxford–AstraZeneca    Adenovirus vector    英国、スウェーデンUnited Kingdom, Sweden    December 2020    
Pfizer–BioNTech    RNA    ドイツ、米国Germany, United States    December 2020    Both original and Omicron variant versions
Janssen    Adenovirus vector    米国、オランダUnited States, Netherlands    February 2021    
Moderna    RNA    米国United States    December 2020    Both original and Omicron variant versions
Sinopharm BIBP    Inactivated    中国China    July 2020    
Sputnik V    Adenovirus vector    ロシアRussia    August 2020    
CoronaVac    Inactivated    中国China    August 2020    
Novavax    Subunit/virus-like particle    米国United States    December 2021    
Covaxin    Inactivated    インドIndia    January 2021    
Valneva    Inactivated   フランス、オーストリア France, Austria    April 2022    
Sanofi–GSK    Subunit    フランス、英国France, United Kingdom    November 2022    Based on Beta variant
Sputnik Light    Adenovirus vector    ロシアRussia    May 2021    


2か国から10か国で承認されたワクチンAuthorized in 2–10 countries
Convidecia    Adenovirus vector    中国China    June 2020    
Sinopharm WIBP    Inactivated    中国China    February 2021    
Abdala    Subunit    中国Cuba    July 2021    
EpiVacCorona    Subunit   ロシア Russia    October 2020    
Zifivax    Subunit   中国 China    March 2021    
Soberana 02    Subunit    キューバCuba, Iran    June 2021    
CoviVac    Inactivated    ロシアRussia    February 2021    
Medigen    Subunit    台湾Taiwan    July 2021    
QazCovid-in    Inactivated   カザフスタン Kazakhstan    April 2021    
Minhai    Inactivated    中国China    May 2021    
COVIran Barekat    Inactivated    イランIran    June 2021    
Soberana Plus    Subunit   キューバ Cuba    August 2021    
Corbevax    Subunit    インド、米国India, United States    December 2021    

1か国で承認されたワクチンAuthorized in 1 country
Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences    Inactivated    中国China    June 2021    
ZyCoV-D    DNA   インド India    August 2021    
FAKHRAVAC    Inactivated   イラン Iran    September 2021    
COVAX-19    Subunit    オーストラリア、イランAustralia, Iran    October 2021    
Razi Cov Pars    Subunit    イランIran    October 2021    
Turkovac    Inactivated    トルコTurkey    December 2021    
Sinopharm CNBG    Subunit    中国China    December 2021    Based on original, Beta, and Kappa variants
CoVLP    Virus-like particle    カナダ、英国Canada, United Kingdom    February 2022    
Noora    Subunit   イラン Iran    March 2022    
Skycovione    Subunit    韓国South Korea    June 2022    
Walvax    RNA    中国China    September 2022    
iNCOVACC    Adenovirus vector    インドIndia    September 2022    Nasal vaccine
V-01    Subunit    中国China    September 2022    
Gemcovac    RNA   インド India    October 2022    Self-amplifying RNA vaccine
IndoVac    Subunit    インドネシアIndonesia    October 2022


List of COVID-19 vaccine authorizations


Kaiser Family Foundation
KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation), also known as The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, is an American non-profit organization, headquartered in San Francisco, California. It prefers KFF since its legal name can cause confusion as it is no longer a foundation or a family foundation, and is not associated with Kaiser Permanente.
2    History
KFF was established in 1948 by Henry J. Kaiser. The Kaiser Family Foundation was originally set up in Oakland, California, the same city in which Kaiser Permanente's headquarters were located.
When Kaiser died in 1967, his second wife, Ale Chester, inherited half of his estate, and the other half went to the KFF. Ale sold all of her holdings, moved far away, and remarried. Mr. Kaiser's children received very little direct inheritance; but did receive authority to run the Kaiser Industries businesses, and the Kaiser Family Foundation.[citation needed]
In 1977, ten years after Kaiser's death, the conglomerate of disparate Kaiser Industries organizations split apart. The Kaiser Family Foundation was initially a major owner of these shares: at the time of dissolution, the foundation owned 32 percent, according to Fortune Magazine.
By 1985, the foundation no longer had an ownership stake in the Kaiser companies and is no longer associated with Kaiser Permanente or Kaiser Industries.[21] KFF is now an independent national organization and one family member, selected by the Board, serves on the Board of Directors of KFF.